19th Birthday

Forever 21 Dress, Liz Baker Oxfords
It's hard to believe that my 19th birthday was already two weeks ago. Summer break has just started and it's already flying by. On Wednesday, it will be a whole month since I got home from Philadelphia. I feel like I really need to start spending some more time with the people I won't get to see nearly as often once the summer comes to an end. 

My 19th birthday was the most low key birthday I've had in a while. I started out the morning by going to Cracker Barrel, with Derek where I got pecan pancakes. Later that night two of my best friends came y and we celebrated with my parents with a cake and junk food, naturally. My dad got me beautiful red roses and Derek got me the cutest orchid. The following week my parents, brother and I went to go get Indian food at "Passage to India" in Harrisburg and it was definitely some of the best Indian food that I've had in a while.Cracker Barrel Breakfast, Card from Nadia, Indian Food, Dress I Wore to "Passage to India" (PS-My hair isn't cut, it's just behind my shoulders, ha)