Grey Skies

Dress: H&M, Tights: Unknown, Boots: Gift, Scarf: Gift, Necklace: Vintage

Lately it has been so hard to get dressed in the morning. I never seem to know what to put on with this ever changing weather. I am so ready for these grey skies to go away, it seems as if these dark clouds have been hovering over Philly all week. Earlier in the week, it was so cold that I was able to repeat a winter outfit. I'm ready for sundresses and cowboy boots! These outfit pictures were taken all the way back in February, but with this weather, this outfit is still appropriate. At least the pop of maroon brings out some color! I picked this dress up on sale for ten bucks at the beginning of the second semester and I'm so glad that I did because it turned out to be an excellent versatile piece that I wore with a ton of different accessories and colors. There's nothing more satisfying than buying a piece and realizing how well it fits into your wardrobe.