Philadelphia, You Have My Heart

(Pictures from the last month or two: Exploring Historical Philly, South Street with a few of my Best Friends, Pat's with my parents)

Today was such a beautiful day! Nadia and I decided to spend our day in the city once we realized how nice it was. We hadn't been to La Colombe since we got back from Spring Break so we decided to go there today. The streets were packed with drunk people wearing green, ha. I hadn't seen the city that busy  in months, it's so nice that the winter weather is finally departing for now.

We got iced coffees from La Colombe and then after reading for a while we decided to make our way across the street to Rittenhouse Park to read there. We ended up people watching most of the time. So many people had their dogs and kids out, it was entertaining watching everybody in the park. Also, there was some crazy guy who was sitting behind us in the park yelling about how spectacular golf course grass is. It ended up being one of the best days since I got back and it was relaxing, so that's always a plus. Even if it sounds cheesy, I loved being able to sit outside on a bench in the park, surrounded by all of the buildings and the people. All throughout high school, all I wanted to do was go to the city, and now I am finally there. I feel so blessed and I'm finally starting to feel more like myself. I don't want this feeling to end, and I certainly don't want to leave this place. I don't think I have ever been happier.