Fashionably Late

Sweater: Unknown, Trousers: Strawberry, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Oxfords: Liz Baker
This was one of my last few outfit shots from Winter Break! Haha. Only about two and a half months late. Lately that's how everything has been, i really need to get back on track with things. Luckily today me and my friends had a meeting about our house for next year and so far everything is going great! I'm really excited about the future, I just need to get more familiar with the term punctuality. Haha. Anyways, this was the first pair of trousers I got and I bought them for only $7 since I wanted to get a "test" pair. I really want to invest in a better pair! It's such a nice difference from jeans. I will have to keep a look out for a few pairs on sale this summer for Fall 2012.

PS: This was before I got my much needed haircut.