Le Bunny Bleu

One brand that I have quickly fallen in love with is Le bunny Bleu, a romantic vintage shop. If it wasn't for me being a poor college student at the moment, a pair of their oxfords or saddle shoes would be the first thing on my list of things to get, but unfortunately, it will have to wait. This hasn't stopped me from dreaming of the types of dresses that could be worn with these shoes. Modcloth and Le Bunny Bleu almost seem to made for each other. This season I seem to particularly stray towards navy-themed dresses, which could go with almost any of these shoes. I could just picture wearing a pair of these oxfords with one of these flirty dresses, with tights and jacket during the cold months or with bare legs and chunky jewelry in the warmer months. Which are your favorites? Mine are the black and white saddle shoes and the mesh oxfords but the magnolia ivory oxfords follow closely behind.