That Time I Had an Ugly Sweater Party

(Photos by me and my friend Derek)
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! It's hard to believe that Christmas time is already over but I will have plenty to post in the next few days about it! Here's the first of four Christmas posts I have planned, my ugly sweater party. Last week was the first time that I hosted an ugly sweater party and I think it turned out well, even if Derek didn't wear the ugly sweater I bought him. Haha. I managed to get mine at a thrift store for only one dollar! I baked all of my friends eggnog cupcakes (I substituted the rum frosting with cinnamon) and gingerbread latte cupcakes. It was so refreshing seeing all of my high school friends together at once after a first semester of college, especially when we all ended up going to different schools. 

PS: I finally had gotten my bangs cut just a few days before Christmas!