CMA's 2011

I love love love country music. I've grown up with it and it's not just a type of music to me but a way of life. Every year the award show that I look the most forward to is the Country Music Awards. They are always so laid back and funny. The show is full of great performances and everyone always looks so amazing. Country music stars are my absolute favorite, they all have so much personality and don't hold back. Here's my favorite looks of the night. 

Faith Hill looked so beautiful in white. I really hope I look like her when I'm in my 40's, she is gorgeous!

At first I wasn't sure what to think of Jennifer Nettles dress but now I am completely obsessed with it! The sparkles completely make it against this neutral color and I love the way it hangs off of her. 

Lace is something that is popping up everywhere, even on the red carpet. Kimberly Perry looks beautiful. I love that she put her hair up with this dress. 

I loved this shade! My favorite part of this dress was definitely the train. It was also refreshing to see her not wear her hair up once again but half up instead. 

Kellie Pickler looked stunning in this silver dress. Sparkly dresses are always my favorite and this cut was perfect for her. 

 I was so thrilled when my favorite singer, Taylor Swift, won entertainer of the year! I was so upset when she had lost the first four awards, but she ended up winning the important one! I am also so happy that she performed "Ours" as the next single! I can't wait for the music video. This song has always reminded me of Derek and I. :-)

Here were my top four favorite performances! Enjoy them! 

Which was your favorite look/performance of the night? Here's my post on the CMA's from last year.