Straw Hats and a Knit Vest

Shirt: Mossimo, Shorts: Mossimo, Vest: Xhileration, Wedges: Payless, Straw Hat: Target 
Hey everybody, sorry if I haven't been too active on the blog the last 3 days. I'm back now after two days of a internet break. Things have been kind of crazy with trying to figure out my plans for college. Things aren't looking too good right now, I don't know if I am going to be able to go yet but hopefully things will turn around! I still have 19 days to try and figure out a back up financial plan. I'm not giving up right now on my plan to move to Philadelphia for college.
Anyways, on to my outfit...I have been obsessing over knits these last few weeks. Summer isn't the ideal time for a knit sweater, so I have opted for a knit vest. I have been wanting to pair this with everything lately! It looks great with a t-shirt or with a sundress. Versatile items are the best, ecspecially during the summer.