I Could Go Crazy

I move to Philadelphia in two weeks from today. This is so unbelievably overwhelming. I haven't even started to pack yet and I just now made my list of what I need to buy...it's a very long list. So far all I have bought is my bed set, a laundry basket and a blanket. Lately the fact that I'm going to be moving away from Derek is driving me insane. He's been on vacation for only 4 days and I miss him so much, I can't imagine what it's going to be like after I move two hours away from him. I'm only going to be home every 5 or 6 weeks. This summer has been so incredible with him. Go here and here to see more of our summer together.

Making Derek take outfit photos of me

Graduation Parties with our friends

Hiking together

Spending time with each other's family

Date Nights

Meeting Derek's cute new kitten!

The presents Derek got me before he left for Florida. Isn't the mug so thoughtful? Haha

Derek actually wearing the H&M shirt I got him!