That Sweet Silver Lining

Dress: 579, Wedges: Wet Seal
Sometimes when I become obsessed with an artist, I will become obsessed with how they dress and what their interests are. I know, it sounds kind of creepy but we all do it, right? Whether we admit it or not! Ha. One of my favorite artists for the last 3 years has been Kate Voegele, I am in love with her music and her lyrics. I love her quirky style that she expresses on stage. This dress was quickly picked out when I bought it two years ago because of her. All of her songs are amazing, but some of my favorites are 99 TimesIt's Only LifeYou Can't Break a Broken HeartWish You WereSweet Silver Lining, and Manhattan from the Sky

PS: You can visit Kate Voegele's blog HERE! And here's my favorite video of her's, 99 Times. Enjoy!