Sweet Summer Goals

This year I decided to put together a list of things I would like to get done before leaving for college in the middle of August.

1. Weekend trip to Raystown Lake
2. Learn how to use public transportation (I am moving to Philadelphia, after all.)
3. Go on a long bike ride
4. Clean my room out for college and only take the things I need to college
5. Learn new recipes for cooking and baking
6. Have a farewell party with my friends that involves grilling, cupcakes, virgin strawberry daiquiris and a bonfire
7. Go on a hike and picnic at Pinchot Park with Derek
8. Go to a carnival, fair or festival
9. Learn to make fudge
10. Make a playlist of summer songs and enjoy the time I have left here with my friends and family.

By the way, one of my best friends, Derek (not my boyfriend Derek but a different Derek. I know, confusing) took these pictures at my graduation party last weekend with his new canon camera.