Christina's Desserts and Coffee

I basically live in small town USA, so there are no cute little modern coffee shops around here at all. Want a McDonalds? Sure, you will find one every few miles. Need a Rutters? There's one on every corner around here. Sometimes all I want to do is sit in a cute little coffee shop. 
A week ago my mom and I had to take our dog to the vet and we went to this vet that lives right outside of Maryland, in a city called Hanover. While we waited for my dog to get out of surgery we found the cutest coffee shop ever called "Christina's" and it quickly brcame my favorite place ever.

For breakfast I went with a blueberry scone with orange glaze and a caramel macchiato (best. macchiato. ever.) and then me and my mom left with 3 cupcakes. One and a half for each. We got vanilla dream (vanilla cake, caramel filling, marshmellow frosting and caramel drizzle), White Chocolate Rasberry (vanilla cake, white chocolate filling, rasberry buttercream) and chocolate marshmellow (chocolate cake, marshmellow frosting and chocolate drizzle). All of the ingrediants are fresh and naturally made. AMAZING. If you're ever in the Hanover area you should really go there. I wish I would've had my better camera with me! But I didn't, so you will have to settle with these pictures.