Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess

It's starting to officially feel like fall! So, you know what that means? It's time to turn to Meg Ryan for a little fall fashion inspo. A few weeks ago I rewatched When Harry Met Sally (one of my favorites!) and it made me so excited to dress for the season ahead. Cozy sweaters, menswear-inspired pieces, turtlenecks and corduroy, there's so much fall style inspiraton packed into that movie. Plus, it desperately makes me want to wander around Central Park once the leaves start to the fall. When Harry Met Sally isn't the only Meg Ryan film that features my favorite season - You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle are two other strong fall fashion inspo contenders. But what exactly makes a Meg Ryan fall? I've pulled together a list of what this style encompasses below. 

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess

Wardrobe Classics & Staples

One of the main components of Meg Ryan's style throughout her various fall-focused films are that her outfits are made up mostly of classic, wardrobe staples. For example - a great mock neck sweater, a pair of straight-leg jeans, a sturdy tote bag. None of these items are necessarily "trendy" (even if some years they are more popular than others), and they will always work in your wardrobe. We'll breakdown more of these wardrobe classics and staples below. 

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess


Turtlenecks are a staple in Kathleen Kelly and Sally Albright's wardrobes. Not only are they great for chilly fall days in NYC, they also look classic and stylish. And you can't go wrong with a black turtleneck! Perfect for layering under dresses, sweaters or blazers!

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess

Play with Texture 

Incorporating several textures into outfits is done exceptionally well in When Marry Met Sally! I love the mix of corduroy, knit-wear, suede, leather, and denim. It can create a lot of dimension into an otherwise casual outfit. This look in particular inspired me to buy my own corduroy blazer last year which I've worn repeatedly!

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess

Chic Outerwear & Accessories

Annie Reed knows the power of chic outerwear in Sleepless in Seattle, and so does Kathleen Kelly and Sally Albright. Anyone who lives in a major city that experience the fall/winter seasons knows how crucial it is to have a nice coat or two when you spend a decent amount of time outside, walking or taking public transit to each of your destinations. The thing to keep in mind is that you don't need 10 trendy coats, just a classic piece that can be accessorized easily will do!

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess


Knitwear may be one of the major components when it comes to Meg Ryan fall and the autumn season in general. Once again, you don't need dozens of trendy knits. A few staple pieces that can be easily dressed up or down is perfect! A few type of knits on my "must-have" list are: a black cardigan, a cable knit cream sweater, a matching knit set (like Annie Reed is wearing above), and a chunky red sweater.

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess`

Autumnal/Warm Colors

Stick with neutrals such as gray, navy and black along with autumnal colors like shades of brown, maroon, forest green, and oranges. Essentially, think about what you would want to wear on a cozy fall day in NYC, strolling around Central Park with your chatty best friend. 

Get the Look: A Meg Ryan Fall | Organized Mess

Don't Forget to Layer

Lastly, don't forget to layer! Whether it's throwing on a blazer over a knit, a button-down or turtleneck under a dress or adding a scarf - layering is key in order to emulate a Meg Ryan fall!