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Style Edit: Lingerie

Style Edit: Lingerie | Organized Mess
Lingerie is one of those things I've always bought more for myself than anybody else. There's something about wearing a silky slip dress to bed that feels so luxurious, even if the slip was only $50. And somehow wearing a pretty lacy set underneath my clothes does make me feel more confident, even if I'm the only one that knows about it. I know Valentine's Day is less than a week away and the assumption is that if you're buying lingerie, it's to wear for someone else but try purchasing it for yourself sometime, even if it's not this week.
  Style Edit: Lingerie | Organized Mess

Floral Bra | And Matching Thong | Lace Bodysuit | Charmeuse Embroidered Kimono | Oyster Core Slip | White Lace Bra With Trim | Black Elastic & Lace Bra

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  1. Love that lace bodysuit.


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