The Winter Playlist I'll Be Playing Until March

The Winter Playlist I'll Have on Repeat Until March | Organized Mess

I always thought that I hated winter. And maybe I used to. Or maybe I just never really took the time to truly appreciate this season and the way that it gives us permission to slow down. I used to hate the way that the world just seemed to stop from January to March but now I see it more as a breath of fresh air. I can rest, relax, slow down - there's time to think and there's time to just do nothing. Winter gives me the space I need before I can thoroughly enjoy doing all the things I love throughout the year like hiking, traveling and having a consistent social life - which hopefully we have more of that in 2021 now that the vaccines are being rolled out! This is the playlist I'll be listening to all winter long whether it's during walks on mild winter days or while I'm cooking at home.