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Style Edit: Loungewear

Style Edit: Loungewear | Organized Mess
Like many people, I'm still working from home and it's definitely changed the way I dress. I used to get dressed up for work every single day pre-pandemic days and loved it! I still enjoy getting dressed up for the day here and there, especially if I have plans to run errands after work or if Derek and I are grabbing a bite to eat but most days I'm just wearing loungewear. Every once in a while if I don't have any meetings I'll stay in my pajamas all day but I usually try to change into something different - even if it's just different pajamas or a sweatshirt. I've definitely been on the hunt for "cute" loungewear lately, like this tie-dye set or a bike short set that I can throw a robe over if I'm chilly. What about you? Has being home more made you want to invest in your loungewear a little more?
       Style Edit: Loungewear | Organized Mess

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  1. Yesss to ALL the loungewear! I just got that waffle parachute robe as a holiday gift and I'm OBSESSED

  2. I have gone so new pjs in 2020. That I now have two drawers full.

  3. Working from home definitely calls for some comfortable clothes. Your pick are great, I especially love the set (n.4) - both comfy and cute!
    Hope you're having a great week so far! :)

    Julia x
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  4. Oh goodness! That folklore sweater is SO cute. I absolutely love it!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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