Corduroy Overalls

Corduroy Overalls | Organized Mess
The 90's are alive and well when it comes to trends. I love these corduroy overalls but they definitely give me flashbacks to my childhood. I had a pair of Lion King overalls in 1998 (I was 5) and although these are sans Disney characters this is just another reminder that the 90's trends are really here to stay, at least for a bit. I love how versatile these are, this time I styled them with a striped turtleneck and a pair of booties but this could easily work with a sweater on a cold winter day or a crop top and sandals in the spring.
  Corduroy Overalls | Organized MessCorduroy Overalls | Organized Mess Corduroy Overalls | Organized Mess
What are you up to this weekend? I'm grabbing tacos and margaritas with friends for lunch today and then going out for drinks later this evening. I'm looking forward to a social Saturday followed by a quiet and hopefully productive Sunday at home in my pajamas.

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