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Leopard Print Favorites

Leopard Print Favorites | Organized Mess

Last year I wasn't so sure if I was into the leopard print trend. I think I've kind of strayed away from animal prints in general because of one specific high school memory, which stems from "80's Day". Did anybody else's high school have themed dress up days once a year leading up to homecoming? They would vary from Retro Day to Wacky Day to School Spirit Day. Anyway, a week before my sophomore homecoming, we had 80's Day where I proceeded to wear a NEON YELLOW tiger print top from Wet Seal (that was MY STORE, I had everything from band t-shirts to wooden peace sign earrings to extremely impractical wedges from there and a horrible tiger print top). I wore it with a black mini skirt and raspberry colored leg warmers with my hair in a high side pony and chunky earrings. It was all in good fun, and I definitely got points for wearing a VERY 80s outfit but my history with animal print nearly ended there with the exception of this slip dress.

Leopard Print Favorites | Organized MessLeopard Print Favorites | Organized MessLeopard Print Favorites | Organized MessLeopard Print Favorites | Organized Mess

A decade later, as a 26 year old woman, I have finally decided to try out wearing animal prints regularly again sans the neon yellow. I bought this leopard print midi skirt (similar here) months ago from one of my favorite Philly boutiques, Smak Parlour, and wore it constantly throughout the summer. It paired well with tanks and crop tops but I'm excited to style it with jackets, tees and sweaters this season. For dinner with friends I decided to style it with a Madewell tee and faux leather jacket (similar). I kept it casual with the tee but dressed it up slightly with vintage jewelry and the jacket. I decided to wear a pair of black booties but looking back this also could have paired well with white sneakers. Here are a few other leopard print pieces I'm loving this season!


  1. I did have themed days too! I love your outfit and picks, very cute and trendy! xx

  2. I love leopard print so much, I bought so many clothes last year and I am so glad this trend is here to stay!!! You look amazing! x


  3. I'm so into leopard print and your skirt is so cute!! I'm loving your picks too!

  4. Such a cute skirt.

  5. Such a cute dress! I also like leopard prints! And you look beautiful! ! !

  6. I love how you styled the leopard print trend! And I wish I could see a picture of your high school dress up day, your outfit sounds AMAZING haha! I was skeptical of the leopard print trend too, but after seeing so many great outfits like yours, I might have to try it out myself!


  7. I love the Leopard print on your.
    It suits you perfectly my dear.
    So lovely.

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  8. I really like it how you combined the leo skirt!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, do you want to follow each other?
    xx Rena

  9. You look really great in animal print babe! The leo skirt is something I would pick to wear too!

    Love, Layla |


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