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Camping at French Creek State Park

Last month Derek and I packed our bags for a one night camping trip to French Creek State Park. Camping is easily one of my favorite weekend activities. We don't get to go that often but I always appreciate when we're able to spend time outdoors. I find activities such as camping or hiking to be an ultimate anxiety reducer and I always feel refreshed after spending time in nature. I would normally prefer to travel a few hours outside of Philly more towards the mountains but we've been tight on time and money this year so we decided to check out French Creek State Park since it takes less than an hour to get to from Philadelphia.
We spent our 30 hours in the woods staying warm by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows and catching up on reading. All day on Sunday afternoon we spent the day hiking and accidentally strayed off of the path we were following and ended up a national historic site called the Hopewell Furnace Site which ended up being a fun detour. Overall, we had a great time but the campsites were a little close together for my liking. I tend to prefer more remote camping locations instead of family-focused campsites. But if you're nervous about camping or wanting to try it out for the first time this would be a great place to start! There were so many hiking paths close to the campsites and there was even a lake which would be great for the warmer months. Where do you like to camp at?   


  1. Camping shows that it doesn't take a lot to be content :) Love the photo of the book! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. oh this is just so lovely! I want to go camping too so I can get away and just relax and have the time of my life with nature. :) also, your photos are beautiful!

    xoxo, rae


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