Summer Clogs


I'm all about the 'newest' retro trend - clogs! I saw a few pairs at Free People that I fell absolutely in love with but with a trip to San Francisco around the corner I decided on a more budget-friendly pair from Old Navy. And the best part? I've teamed up with fellow-Philly blogger, Sarah from Shades of Sarah on how to wear these summery clogs! She got the brown pair I was originally going to buy (they sold out so quickly!) so be sure to check out her newest post: Clogs for the Summer!
Sarah from Shades of Sarah rocking the brown clogs! Loving this layered look and that adorable bag!
My go-to jeans for the winter and fall are a pair of maroon skinny jeans, so I was looking for a alternative for the spring and summer and these rose-colored skinny crop jeans are the perfect summery change! The one color I can't seem to shake is black. I've just been trying to find warm-weather options for my favorite neutral color. One of my favorite spring/summer items in black is this off-the shoulder top as well as a strappy racerback dress I wore two weeks ago. Luckily, I think these black clogs will mix in with my wardrobe just fine all summer long. How would you style a pair of clogs?

Chambray Jumpsuit


Last week I shared a post on picnicking by the Schuylkill River and my suggestions for things to take on a picnic, so I thought I would also share what I wore! This chambray jumpsuit from Old Navy has been one of my go-to pieces this spring. It's easy to accessorize and it's super comfortable - which is always a good thing when it comes to getting dressed for the day. There's a super similar style on sale now that I've also been thinking about picking up. These lace-up gladiator sandals have been another go-to for me. They are the perfect shoe for spring and summer and go with everything, from jumpsuits to dresses! I wish I had also picked up the snake-skin patterned pair before they were sold out. 
We're finally seeing sunshine again in Philadelphia! The last week and a half was full of rainy and dreary days that seemed never ending but the sun finally decided to re-appear. I'm hoping for more sunny and picnic filled days! 

The Blog Connect Conference


About two weeks ago was the first official Blog Connect Conference here in Philadelphia! It was great to be around so many inspiring people for an entire day filled with blogging talk and activities. The conference was hosted at the Saxby's Headquarters which meant free coffee all day! First, there was breakfast hosted by Saxby's and Shmear It - which is one of my favorite food trucks in the city. I highly recomend their lox spread on an everything bagel. Timothy Becker took photos of the event, including the one directly above.
We also got our headshots done by Mountain Gap Photography (the photo directly below) which was a great way to start the conference. Throughout the day there were talks and workshops where we learned a lot about blogging and building your business. We got the opportunity to hang out and talk to other Philly bloggers during a lunch brought to us by Snap Kitchen and happy hour at the end of the conference sponsored by the Philadelphia Brewing company. Below are a few things I took from the day....

1. Content organization is super important when it comes to blogging. It's better to have fewer, more accurate tags than to over-tag your post. Thanks Melissa and Sarah for this info!

2. Make lists. During one of the blogging activities Lisa had us create lists of things that we have done in the last 6 months and the last year and what we have learned and what we want to learn. Creating content for our blogs can come directly from these lists!

3. When it comes to monetizing your blog, don't go overboard. It's best to pick 3 revenues of how you want to monetize, whether it's through ads, affiliate links, sponsorships, etc. It's also helpful to create a media kit and to create a dream list of sponsors that you would love to work with one day. Thanks Bekah for all of this info that I knew very little about.

4. Putting your personality into your blog is one of the most genuine, authentic ways to build your "brand".

5. Networking is super important. Thanks Kate and Jess from Philly PR Girl on the inspiring talk of how to build your blog into a business!
Everyone who spoke was incredibly inspiring and motivating. There were too many inspiring people who took part in the conference to count. Thanks Chrystina, Sarah and Melissa for making the conference happen! Are you also a Philly blogger? Be sure to check out the PHLBloggers group!

Picnicking by the Schuylkill River


I can't help but feel relieved that spring is here to stay. There's something so incredible about Philadelphia when the weather is just right. We have our fair share of festivals, beer gardens and outdoor activities all spring and summer long. I'm already looking forward to outdoor movie nights, an outing to a nearby Lavender farm and another trip to Longwood Gardens. But there's one outdoor activity that Derek and I have already taken part of last week - picnicking! We packed up lunch and headed to a sunny spot along the Schuylkill River trail.
There are so many great spots for picnics in Philly, whether it's right along the Schuykill, one of the many places that are part of Fairmount Park, or the parks in the city - like Rittenhouse Square or Washington Square Park! Here are a few suggestions I have on where to get a few things to pack for for your picnic around the city. 
  • Cheese: One of the cheapest places to buy cheese in the city with a huge selection is Trader Joe's! I was able to pick up some mild cheddar, havarti with dill and goat cheese for under $10. 
  • Bread: Head to Metropolitan Bakery for a fresh selection on all the different types of bread you will need. My personal favorite is the french baguette. Plus, there's locations in Rittenhouse, University City, Chestnut Hill and in the Reading Terminal Market.
  • Fruit: Iovine Brothers in Reading Terminal is my go to for all of my produce needs. Everything is local and in season making for super cheap prices you won't feel bad about!
  • Dessert:  A few of my favorite choices for dessert-to-go are Beiler's Donuts (try the chocolate mousse donut if cream filled donuts are your jam), ICI Macarons & Cafe for every colorful macaron you need to brighten up your picnic and Pamcakes for some of the most unique/fresh cupcakes in the city.
Derek and I used to always go on picnics in our hometown while we were still in high school and in college when I used to come home to visit. Our go-to spot was Pinchot Park since that wasn't very far from our town so it's been great to find new spots around our newest home here in Philadelphia. What are your favorite warm weather activities? 
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