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Strappy Racerback Dress

Strappy Racerback Dress | Organized Mess Strappy Racerback Dress | Organized Mess
I found the perfect black summer dress! I'm loving that longer lengths are on trend this season. This is such an easy dress to throw on and feel dressed up in. Lately I've been wearing a lot more black and grey than I used too. I'm all about the neutrals lately! I'm also loving the lace-up trend this summer. I found the perfect lace-up sandals at Steve Madden. These are so comfortable - I'm tempted to buy them in the "sandy" color as well!


Last weekend was mine and Derek's 7 year anniversary! How has it been 7 years!? He surprised me in the morning with red roses and we spent our day wandering around the city and getting dinner at The Dandelion - one of my favorite places to eat in Rittenhouse! I'm a sucker for anything that reminds me of London. At the end of the day we celebrated with champagne and made a chocolate cake - yum! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. This is such a cute look (and totally something I would wear!)
    Lexi → Glitter, Inc.

  2. Yes, me too loving the longer lengths and this dress is SO perfect. Looking gorgeous, girly!! xo

  3. I love this! I've been loving the longer lengths lately - I bought a few mid length skirts last summer. It sounds like you had a lovely anniversary!
    xo April | April Everyday

  4. Happy Anniversary! I know you will get a lot of use out of this dress. I have also been loving neutrals and lace up shoe this year.

  5. Aww happy anniversary!! So excited for you guys :)
    The dress looks gorgeous on you, Chelsea! Really lovely LBD. Love the sandals and gorgeous accessories <3
    xox Nadia

  6. Happy 7th anniversary!! You look so pretty in this dress and I love your red lipstick!! I'm exactly the same way, I've been wearing so much more grey, black and neutrals lately, I'm just obsessed with them. I absolutely love your sandals too!

    Have a wonderful day!

    xo, Esther

  7. Anonymous4/29/2016

    great look, lovely shoes

  8. You look stunning! gorgeous!

  9. what an awesome look! I love how each piece can be worn so many ways.


  10. This is such a cute look I would totally wear myself!


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