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Myrtle Beach

This was the first time we went on a big family vacation in years. Me, my mom, dad and sister all piled into our car and drove 10 hours to Myrtle Beach and spent 5 days there with my grandparents. It was a great family vacation complete with a show called "The Legends", two beach days, a lazy river pool, more than enough food and a helicopter ride over Myrtle Beach. Here's a few snapshots from the week. 


  1. Anonymous7/28/2014

    OMG, love the blue & white summer dress! It compliments your beautiful complexion so perfectly.

  2. Anonymous7/28/2014

    Love Myrtle Beach! I'm headed just south of there next week and I can't wait! Looks like you had a great trip!

  3. your swimsuit is super adorable

  4. Looks like an amazing time!

  5. Oh you're adorable in that sailor style dress! I love how you added the red to really finish it off. :)

  6. Precious swimsuit and dress!! I'd be too scared to go up in a helicopter, but it looks like you had fun!

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  7. Love both your nautical outfits (swimsuit and then navy dress!). Looks like the trip was lots of fun! Oh and
    brave girl with the helicopter, I'm too scaredy cat to jump into one ;)

    Damaris | The cat, you and us


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