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Never Ending Winter

Dress: Forever 21, Turtleneck: H&M, Shoes: Thrifted 

I don't know if you East Coasters realize this, but winter is never ending. Ever. Ha, well, I'm joking, hopefully. The first day of Spring is supposed to be tomorrow and I'm hoping that the weather at least creeps up into the 50's (I can't believe I'm saying that). This winter layering has been one of my number one tools. I'm a dress girl all the way, and adding a turtleneck and thick stockings has been my way to keep my personal style true to myself. Have you had to do anything this winter in order to keep that grasp on personal style? 

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  1. Beautiful and girly outfit! I know how you feel... Where I live we also have still so much snow left and the temp. are too low for Spring :/

  2. I love the dress, it's so cute! I love the fit around your waist, so nice :)
    it looks so cold out there O.o

    I'm in Cali, we don't get winter, lolll.
    IIt's mainly summer and fall seasons here, some what spring....spring allergies ;D LOL

    Eliza :)

  3. *adorable*
    i love that dress!!!

  4. so pretty!
    there's a really cool new giveaway on my blog, so check it out if you are interested:

    xoxo Sienna

  5. That dress is too cute!

  6. That dress is so super cute!

  7. You look so cute, I love that dress!

  8. oh yes, I feel like I'm always trying to stick things on in new ways to keep my style. I'm a dress girl as well so tights and tall boots are the way to keep me warm. :)

    I adore the print of that dress, Chelsea! And the turtleneck underneath is a cute way to stay toasty.

  9. Oh man, tell me about it! This winter has been impossible to be stylish... I need to up my puffy coat cuteness factor. ;)

  10. Your dress is adorable,
    I love the pattern and your shoes look
    so lovely, too. :)


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