Valentine's Day Weekend


I know it's been forever, again. I have been horrible at keeping up with blogging! I'm in the middle of getting my application process done for the London study abroad program and trying to figure out where to find scholarships. Also, this is my last week of school before Spring Break (I know, we have an insanely early Spring break this semester) and things are piling up quickly. AND. I may or may not have bought a ticket to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. My best friend/usual room-mate is spending her semester away there so I figured I might as well go visit her during Spring Break, right? This will be my first time on a plane and I'm super nervous about it, but it's going to be so worth it. I'll be excited to get away from this never-ending winter for 5 days. 

Anyways, onto other news, earlier this month was mine and Derek's 5th Valentine's Day together. It's crazy how fast time is flying. In April it will be our 5-year anniversary! It was such a romantic night, we took a trip to Whole Foods and then we came back to my apartment and he cooked me "bistro chicken" with mashed potatoes and green beans, and then made "hot chocolate shots" for dessert. I am currently suffering from runner's knee to the point where walking has become a struggle so we stayed in most of the weekend, watching movies and being glad to see each other for the first time in weeks. Then, Sunday we got brunch where I had thin mint french toast (OMG) and then we went to PAFA for their free Sunday exhibit. 

Here's a few instagram shots from the weekend, I was obviously too lazy to pull out my camera. I blame it on the runner's knee. 

The roses Derek got me, our dinner, hot chocolate shots, selfie (of course), looking through the new Glamour wearing the new bracelet Derek got me, the card I got Derek, thin mint french toast, PAFA

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SweaterSweaterIf I had to pick one sweater to keep in my closet for every winter to come, this one would be it. Madewell arrived in Philly last semester and I am hooked. This sweater was my first Madewell purchase and it is so incredibly warm and comfortable. The neutral colors make it fun to pair with colored jeans, this time I went with the plum-colored jeans I got on Black Friday from Old Navy. I've been wearing the watch that Derek got me for Christmas almost every day. I love looking down at it and thinking of him, speaking of which, only 5 more days until he will be in Philly to spend Valentine's Day weekend with me! Happy Monday, let's get through it with lots and lots of coffee.SweaterSweaterSweaterSweaterMADEWELL SWEATER (SIMILAR) | OLD NAVY JEANS | ALDO BOOTS (SIMILAR) | MICHAEL KORS WATCH
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A Modcloth Valentine's Day


I'm a firm believer that you can find a complete outfit for any occasion at Modcloth. With thousands upon thousands of items, it's hard not to get lost in the site for an hour (or two...). I dug through and pulled out four Valentine's Day inspired outfits. After all, Valentine's Day is only a week away! So, whether you're celebrating with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family or even by yourself (eating chocolates by the pound...that might just be me), there's an outfit here for whether you want to dress girly, quirky, retro-like or glamorously. You can check out my picks from last year HERE, for casual, sexy, romantic or fashionable looks.

vday: girly

vday: quirky

Vday: Retro

Vday: Glamorous

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Sweater: Old Navy, Collared Top: H&M, Corduroys: American Eagle, Socks: Old Navy, Shoes: Aldo 

I have an incredibly difficult time resisting a cute animal sweater. Once I see one on the shelf, I instantly feel the need to buy it. I had seen this one online and was obsessed the moment and I saw it, plus it was under $30 being from Old Navy! When I went home one weekend during the Fall semester I came home to see this hanging up in front of my closet. I guess my mom had seen it and knowing my obsession with animal sweaters, had gotten it for me. 

What's your weakness when you're out shopping? 

PS: Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Derek! It feels so weird that we celebrated being 16 together and now we're both going to be 21 this year! Happy birthday.

January Roundup


Wow, I have been a horrible blogger this past month. I've had a somewhat rough transition moving back to Philadelphia. It always feels weird being home for so many weeks at a time and then to come back and be "on my own" again. I plan on getting back into a system this month. I've been writing the weekly art beat for our school's paper, starting my work early for my classes and looking for a job, which I need, desperately. Time for a little bit of organization!

Her: 7.5/10: This movie was very moving, simple, and visually pleasing. Honestly I fell in love with the art direction, cinematography and music more than anything else in this film. The story was very emotional yet simple. It showed how dangerously close we are to losing true human connection thanks to the use of technology. 

American Hustle: 8/10: The performances really made this film. Each actor involved did an incredible job portraying their character. The story line is quick and smart, and you have to keep up. Consisted of a lot of cleavage/butt shots which I usually hate but it just made sense in this movie. There were a few dull moments, but the scenes had to be put in there so that the story could all come together. Jennifer Lawrence's character was easily my favorite and the 1970's soundtrack was a lot of fun. 

Tuesdays with Morrie: 9/10: I've lost quite a few people that I love these past few months. Coming to terms with death is never an easy thing and this book makes you realize how precious life is. Morrie's lessons that he teaches Mitch are ones that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I recommend this book to anyone, it's a good reminder on how truly blessed we are just to live our lives and meet the people who are in them. 

Beautiful Ruins: 9/10: This is one of those books where it tells everyone's story at the beginning and then they all eventually come together. Personally, those are always the types of books I prefer, it's almost like a puzzle, with all of the pieces coming together slowly but surely. I really enjoyed all of the stories told in this book, especially since some of the scenes are in the past and some are in the present, it was a fun transition. 

What did you read and see this past January? 
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