Sweater: Old Navy, Collared Top: H&M, Corduroys: American Eagle, Socks: Old Navy, Shoes: Aldo 

I have an incredibly difficult time resisting a cute animal sweater. Once I see one on the shelf, I instantly feel the need to buy it. I had seen this one online and was obsessed the moment and I saw it, plus it was under $30 being from Old Navy! When I went home one weekend during the Fall semester I came home to see this hanging up in front of my closet. I guess my mom had seen it and knowing my obsession with animal sweaters, had gotten it for me. 

What's your weakness when your out shopping? 

PS: Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Derek! It feels so weird that we celebrated being 16 together and now we're both going to be 21 this year! Happy birthday. <3 nbsp="">

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  1. Oh my gosh, that sweater is crazy cute. Love this outfit!

  2. Cutest sweater! Clothes with animals with glasses, yes please! :) I was considering buying pink jeans on sale, yours look great!

  3. Ah! So cute :) I love it paired with the pink! I'm a sucker for jewelry when I'm out shopping- bracelets, watches, rings, you name it!

  4. I wanted that sweater so bad. My dad went on a hunt for it but it was sold out and I miss my chance to get it online.

  5. So gorgeous! I love that sweater. It looks so cute with the pants as well!

  6. so cute!
    xoxo Sienna

  7. I just love the pick glasses the fox is wearing!


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