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Christmas Eve Flashback

I love the hectic-ness of Christmas Day, Christmas Eve usually is one of the days I look forward to the most, especially now that I've been celebrating it with Derek the last few years. There's always so much jumping from one place to another on Christmas Day but Christmas Eve tends to be the opposite. I usually prefer much more intimate settings instead of loud, busy events, the fact that I tend to be more on the introverted side doesn't help. Christmas Eve is a night where Derek and I watch Christmas movies like Rudolph and Frosty, bake cookies together (our tradition is peanut butter cookies!) and exchange presents. 

This year Derek got me two things I had been wanting for a while, I was so shocked, he got me the Michael Kors Slim Runway watch in gold that I have been wanting for a year or two now! We got it resized a few days ago and I havent been wanting to take it off. He also got me a record player! And not only that, he got me my favorite Taylor Swift album (Speak Now) on vinyl along with a Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons record to start my collection. I feel like such a lucky lady.

I got Derek a bunch of things this year, including a grey wool winter coat, a fog machine (which he loved!!), clothes for work, the sweater he pulled over his flannel in the pictures, a Phillies mug with his favorite hot chocolate, fox printed pajamas and a stocking full of his favorite candy and a new hat/gloves to match his new coat!

How do you spend your Christmas Eve? And which day do you usually look forward to the most?

PS: Remember when Lucy was this little and I could actually hold her? She loved her first Christmas!


  1. Such cute photographs of you and Derek! x

  2. Glad you had a great christmas

  3. OMG you got such awesome gifts!! I love T-Swift and New Girl as well!

  4. You two cuddling with the dog is my favorite! I love this whole post. It's so nice to see you and Derek grinning and looking so happy! I hope I have a joyful relationship like that soon. . .

    I also prefer the more low-key events. Introversion, high five =/

  5. My my what a present feast :P I love that turntable player as well!
    I think i've seen it at Urban Outfitters..
    Love your sweater as well! Xx

  6. How lovely! And your sweater is darling :) my husband and I exchange 1 gift every Christmas Eve which is meant to be used that night or on Christmas Day. It's a fun tradition :)

  7. These are great pictures! How fun that you finally got your watch! My finance got me the one I've been lusting after for years, too!!


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