Sweeter Than Fiction: Swift Style

This post is going to be a celebration in Taylor Swift's new 80's inspired pop song, Sweeter Than Fiction, for the film "One Chance" and her $4 million donation to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the creation of the Taylor Swift education center. 

So, in case you don't know (which you probably do know), I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. Like, possibly the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever. Her songs have gotten me through more boy situations than I would like to admit and her music has always been something I can count on. Her style has evolved into such a classic look, I'm obsessed with the look she's been sporting lately. The peter pan collars, polka dots, fun hats, and oxfords are all a few of my favorites. I thought I would share five looks I've pulled inspiration from. 

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  1. I'm actually currently listening to Sweeter Than Fiction! Her style is so flawless, I love the first and last!

  2. I freakin love her style as well! She always looks so perfect and polished O_O

  3. I love T-Swift and her style so much! It's a perfect mix of modern and vintage-inspired! I need to listen to this song right now!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. I like some of her songs but her style, her style I love. She has this classy yet laid back look down to a T.

  5. I love the second look! I definitely like her vintage preppy style over the more bohemian looks (but that's probably because I can see myself wearing it!)

  6. Well of course you love her, she is your celebrity look alike, fo sure.

  7. You picked out some great styles from her! She is adorable :)

    aka Bailey

  8. I love a good T-Swift post! She is always so well put together! Love reading your blog this afternoon!

  9. I love how she isn't afraid to wear girly dresses with flat shoes. You can't always run around in heels!


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