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Loving Him Was Red

Hey guys! So I'm taking off the rest of this week to go apartment hunting in Philadelphia today and tomorrow and then Friday I'm going to be going to the Taylor Swift concert! 

Words can not express how excited I am for this and how much this going to mean to me. Taylor Swift's music has gotten me through so many different things whether it was boy drama, friend trouble or just shifts in everyday life. I have a feeling as soon as she walks out on that stage I'm going to be in tears. The last time I saw her was when she only had her debut CD out and she was 18 opening up for Rascal Flatt's. If she was great then, with just her and her few band members and guitar I can't wait to see the production of "Red", but I'm sure I'll have plenty more to talk about after the weekend. 

For now, I just want to tell you all to have a wonderful rest of the week and I'll be back Monday!


  1. Ah my jealousy is unreal!! Sounds so exciting!

  2. my, my. enjoy the concert. how i wish i could also come. ^_^

  3. Yaaay, that's great news :-) You know, you really look a lot like her :-P

  4. You'll LOVE the concert. I went when she was in Indy, and it was the best night. She really puts on a good show, and she makes sure people sitting ALL over the stadium feel included!

  5. Good for you! Have a blast!!

  6. Aaaw, have a fun time, Chelsea! I can tell by your Tumblr that you're one dedicated Taylor Swift fan. I hope it lives up to your expectations--I'm sure it will!! :D

  7. Anonymous7/17/2013

    Have fun!!! I love Taylor, too, and I can't wait to see the pics!!! Good luck with the apartment hunt :)

    Life of Mabel

  8. seriously awesome plans! um, and now i know who you remind me of too....TS is what. i actually thought the 1st shot was YOU!! happy concerting this eve and best of lucks on the apartment search. i'm sure the nesting stars will align and bring you through the door of your new home in no time. ♥

  9. I'm not a massive fan of her music, but this looks so much fun!

  10. Yay! A fellow Philly fashion blogger. I live in Kennett Square! Love your blog!

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