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Weekly Recipe: Snickers Cheesecake Bars

This weeks weekly recipe was a favorite in my household. And that's these snickers cheesecake bars. These are soooo much easier to make than real cheesecake. You need a lot of time to let them sit but the active time doesn't take more than 15 minutes. The chocolate chips on top are optional but I highly recommend adding them. The small pieces of snickers baked deliciously, especially the soft pieces of caramel. You can check out the full recipe HERE at Sally's Baking Addiction, of course, my favorite recipe blog.

 This is my first post practicing with the self-timer, it definitely helps steady the images a little bit more. I need to also practice the manual settings on my Nikon D3200. What kind of camera do you use? Any advice for someone who wants to try out more setting within their camera?


  1. Ah man, this looks amazing!! And I don't even like cheesecake that much, haha. I am such a big oreo geek, though.

    I'd say you're gonna want to use manual for indoor pictures like these. Then you can set the white balance to tungsten light or indoor lighting (or custom, which is difficult and I really don't understand myself honestly...) to make it seem a little less orange, but these look awesome and drool-worthy nonetheless. But yeah, I'd say go for learning manual because it makes you pictures so much awesomer.

  2. Oh man, this looks so good! Its like one
    big massive chocolate bomb of a cheesecake
    :P Xx

  3. WOW that looks amazing, makes me wish I had any baking talent!

  4. Oh man now I'm hungry!

  5. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious!! xx

  6. Oreos, snickers and cheescake, I am going to have to try this!

  7. This looks amazing!
    I am trying to lose baby weight so right now I'd really love to go back in time and pretend I never saw this!!

  8. OMG! This looks so amazing! Three of my favorites all mixed together in one! Can't wait to try it! : )


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