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Shades of Pink

 Dress: New York and Company, Heels: Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses: Olsenboye, Necklace: Vintage (from great-grandmother)

I didn't even realize that this outfit was slightly monochromatic the day that I wore it. This is one of my favorite Spring purchases. I got it when New York & Company was having an Easter sale for 50% off! It's so fun and bright and can easily be dressed up or down. I wore this outfit to my brother's Eagle Scout ceremony last month. 

Anyways, this is going to be a crazy week and a half. Friday I have two finals and a major 16 page history paper due and Monday I have my last final and then I move out of my house here in Philly on Wednesday and head home until the next school year. Crazy. 

For my blog readers who are also going through the craziness of finals week, here's a five, simple tips that I try to live by during this stressful time:

1. Buy fresh flowers for your dorm, room or apartment. Seriously. It will brighten it up and give such a good vibe. 
2. While getting ready in the morning, crank up your favorite songs. This can turn a super drowsy morning into a little dance party by yourself (no shame). 
3. Get dressed in the morning. Like really dressed, not that sweatpants and t-shirt crap. It may be comfy during a time period where you're not running on a lot of sleep but being in an somewhat structured outfit will make you naturally feel more structured and in control. 
4. Exercise. I know I know. "I don't have time to exercise". That's not a good excuse, because a good workout can take 20 minutes and I'm sure your like me, and end up procrastinating and browsing the web for at least a good 20 minutes when you're under stress. If you can browse, you can fit in a workout. 
5. Lots of chocolate and coffee. Of course. 

Good luck! xo


  1. Gorgeous! That dress is too pretty on you! haha number two is my favorite thing to do in the morning when I'm getting ready, it maks the morning a lot more fun!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Good luck on your super busy week :)

  3. that is such a beautfiul dress, I do number 2 too aha! xo

  4. That dress is so pretty! And your advice is so true, I'm going through my A level exams and I find exercise is probably the best thing to do...xx

  5. Such a cute dress, the colour really suits you! xx

  6. i love the dress so much. you look lovely with pink. God bless you on your exams :)

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  8. Oh my goodness, finals... that takes me back! Good luck to you, miss, I don't envy you - although armed with coffee and chocolate, you should be fine :) I just came back to your lovely blog after a long time away and I have missed so much! ou and your style are just adorable! I especially love this dress, what a sweet and ladylike piece, just perfect for spring and summer.

  9. Such a pretty dress :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  10. So cute!and a good list of suggestions- I always make myself dress up a little when I'm feeling a little sleepy or down in the dumps, it's a mood lifter!

  11. Such a pretty red dress! I love dressing up and this dress is one of a kind!

    XO Chelsea

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  13. Such a nice outfit. It looks a little Taylor Swift, but in a good way.

    x Dejhana

  14. Pretty dress on a pretty girl!

    xo Jennifer

  15. Such a pretty dress for spring. Great purchase!

    Your 5 facts are so right and can be applied into the workplace as well. It's funny how you learn things in school for later on that you don't realize are important at the time...

    xoxo Jackie

  16. Gorgeous little dress!

    And I love your little stress-free list. I always pump up my "feel-good" songs when I get ready. It usually consists of Taylor Swift & Katy Perry ;) haha


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