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Highway Don't Care

Eeeeeee. Words can not express how much I love this song and video. Taylor Swift has always been one of my idols and I'm such a huge fan. Tim McGraw was basically the soundtrack to my childhood because I grew up listening to him constantly. And Keith Urban, ah, such great memories of going to that concert with my mom. So, for the three to collaborate made me so incredible happy. I definitely recommend you listen to the song and watch the video! 

I love Taylor Swift's Spring style. Here's a few looks of her outfits from last Spring. I definitely see her as one of my biggest fashion icons. After all  she does shop mostly at my favorite shops; Modcloth, Anthropologie, Topshop and Free People. I also love how she re-wears so many of her things. Even in candid shots from this year she is still using the same accessories from last year! It's awesome to see some realism in the people we look up to in the celebrity world. 


  1. I love Tim McGraw!

  2. I absolutely love her dress, and the rest of her fashion statements. She really looks good in it. :))))


  3. I don't really like Taylor Swift(I KNOW I KNOW I'M HORRIBLE) but I love Tim McGraw, I grew up on him too, and I LOVE this song.

  4. I can absolutely see her influence in your style! So young, fresh, and pretty! :)

  5. Such an amazing song, her voice is perfect on it! I love her style so much!

  6. It's funny, but looking through these photos I could really see how Taylor's style has influenced yours - and you look quite a lot like her, too!


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