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4 Years Together

Derek and I spent our 4 year anniversary together here in Philadelphia. It's hard to believe we've been dating that long. It's even harder to believe that we started dating as sophomores in high school when I'm a sophomore in college now and Derek just graduated with an associates degree in graphic design. Back in high school, the biggest worry of the year was homecoming and prom and now we're starting to deal with bills and real life jobs. In high school, it was hard to imagine what life would be like afterwards and although it's harder now, I absolutely love it. 

Derek and I laid around watching "The Office" and stuffing our faces with junk food for half of his trip here but we also went out on dates. Derek went with me to the Reading Terminal market to go grocery shopping, we went to "Square Peg" for our anniversary dinner, got ice cream at Scoop DeVille, my parents came up one day and we went for brunch at South Street Diner and walked around some of the historical sites, went to a Phillies game and on our actual anniversary (the 23rd) I made Derek a dinner of barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes and corn bread (his favorite). Overall, it was a fun time and I really enjoyed Derek getting to see a glimpse of my life here in Philly. 

I've really enjoyed this school year in Philly and living in my first house with three roommates, but it's also been a long year and I'm looking forward to spending the summer months in my hometown with my family and Derek before moving into a new apartment with my best friend in August. 

PS: Pumpkin may be turning into the new grumpy cat haha


  1. awww how cute!! you guys are adorable!! wish you both the best! :))

  2. Happy 4years anniversary!! c:
    The flowers looking beautiful,
    truly one of the best gifts
    you can receive!


  3. Aww you guys are so cute! Sounds like a lovely few days!

  4. Congrats on four years! Looks like you had a great time :)

  5. Congrats! That's so sweet. And it says a lot about you, adjusting your relationship to your new lives but still making it work :)

  6. Wow sounds/looks amazing :) Congrats! Pumpkin is adorable and so big! I remember seeing pictures when she was itty bitty!

  7. congratulations to you!!!
    amazing flowers!!

  8. aww how sweet ♥ congrats sweetie and long last for you two! ♥♥♥ anw your dress is soo lovely xo

  9. Adorable and congratulations! Here's to many more!

  10. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Congratulations, Chelsea!!

  11. Oh, such sweet pictures! What a fun time :).

  12. Great pics. You look great. Thanks for stopping by. i'm following you now.


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