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Our Early Valentines Day

"The stake's are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours." 

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. Derek and I had not seen each other in nearly three weeks and by the end of that last week, time was dragging on. I'm so thankful to be going to school in this wonderful city of Philadelphia. It's also perfect being in such a busy city since I'm a journalism student and will have more intern opportunities in the next year or two, but I hate having to wait a month or so until I get to see Derek or my family again. It makes me really appreciate the time we have together when we do see each other. 

Anyways, last weekend Derek came Thursday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon and we had the most relaxing weekend ever. We also considered this our Valentines Day weekend since we won't see each other tomorrow. We usually go out  and explore the city more, but since it was so cold we stayed in and cooked, baked and watched plenty of "The Office". Definitely a much needed weekend for the two of us. 

For Valentine's Day, I got Derek a new pair of red pajama bottoms and a few new shirts from Urban Outfitters as well as tons of his favorite candy and a Taylor Swift card that sang "Mine"! Derek got me my favorite chocolates, the cutest little flowers that were easy to bring on the train and a really cool picture holder thing for pictures of us! 

And now, the count down begins until we get to see each other again. 23 more days until Spring Break. 


  1. Sooo cute! Really fun
    Valentine c:


  2. Aww, your Valentine's Day looks so wonderful! You two are so cute! :)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. :) Looks like you and your valentine were extra sweet to each other!

  4. Oh how sweet! The lady big is adorable, and I will never get tired of pictures of your kitty! :D

  5. two are adorable!!!

    loved seeing all the pictures!!

  6. glad to hear you had a great weekend

  7. Dang girlfriend, I don't know how in the world you manage to do the long distance thing. That must be so hard! Your Valentines weekend sounds awesome though. My boyfriend and I will be doing something similar this weekend! Maybe a little more Friends than The Office though ;)

    p.s. You definitely have a very Taylor Swift look. Just fyi :)

  8. You guys look sooo happy! I love all the smilling photos - and looks like you two had fun! It sucks to be apart (my hubby and I did it for a year two) but it makes you appeciate them so much more. Plus, shows how strong your relationship is!

  9. you look beautiful together !!

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  11. Lovely post! Sounds like a fun Valentine's weekend! I was wondering if you had seen the pics of Taylor Swift as Rapunzel? It's for a Disney portrait series, shot by Annie Lebovitz. They seem like they would be just up your alley!

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