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Celeb Style: Taylor Swift

Lately I have been seeing so many classic and timeless pieces. When I went home two weeks ago my mom and I took a shopping trip to Forever 21 and I was amazed by the amount of knee length skirts, long sleeves with buttons at the end and collared tops. As you all pretty much know, I am such a huge Taylor Swift fan and I love how she's been channeling timeless pieces lately (maybe it's the Jackie Kennedy obsession?). With her new album, RED, releasing next week, I thought I'd celebrate by posting a few of my favorite outfits she's been out in lately. Just like I did with the Speak Now CD Release


Let me know, is there a specific celebrity you look up to when it comes to fashion?


  1. LOVE! Taylor Swift is so flawless!

    Elizabeth E~

  2. i wasn't aware of taylor swift's personal style. i can actually relate to it quite well. its very classy and well put together x

  3. Ohh, pretty, me likey! I love the style of Rachel Bilson, kind of simple, but looks so cool on her!

  4. I love Victoria Beckham's style and i've always loved her. She always looks so classy. But Taylor Swift's style is a up & coming favourite of mine. She looks so effortlessly stylish and she's so beautiful!xx

  5. LOVE the bike picture! She looks so elegant! And love her shoes in the second pic :)
    I don't think I really look to any celebrities for fashion, not that I've noticed anyway!

  6. I like her style, she's so pretty :)

  7. Great pictures! And I can totally see her influence on you!

  8. I love Taylor Swift's style too! She always looks great!

    Radha xoxo

  9. I've always thought there was something charming about Taylor's style, but I think I really appreciate it because she's tall and skinny like myself so she wears things that look like they would suit everyone because it's so classic, but really everything she puts on looks best on her, which is truly the epitome of style. Great post.


  10. I really love how Taylor has come into her own lately in regards to fashion. And I think dressing more like a woman rather than a girl has really done a number on her confidence and her career (in a good way).


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