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Biking Through Country Roads

When I was living in Philadelphia, every time I would go home I think I would have mild culture shock because of the huge differences between the two cities I live in. As much as I always say how much I want to stay away from York, I can't help but thank God for being so lucky to have grown up in a small town these last seven years. One of my favorite things about this summer is how much time I get to spend with Derek. I missed him so much over those eight months and it doesn't seem real that after August we're going to have to do the long distance thing once again. Last week we took bikes and went for a long bike road through these country roads that I admittedly missed while being at school. I really missed these little moments with Derek while I was gone, and I can't wait for more fun this summer.


  1. Small town life is pretty great. Love the pictures!

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  3. super cool! love these photos :)


  4. What pretty pictures!

  5. lovely blog!

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  6. The place looks really refreshing. I always wanted to go on destinations like that in the picture and live a simple and fine life with people I love ...

    followed yah!. care to do the same (✿◠‿◠)

  7. Anonymous6/05/2012

    Perfect song for a romantic looking day. I love long bike rides with the boy.


  8. oh so lovely the two of you. ^_^ i love your place, too. ♥

  9. These are really cute photos! i wish it was summer where i am! you lucky thing, enjoy it while it lasts!

    xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

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