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The Last Night

Tonight's my last night in my dorm room. It's so hard to believe that 8 months went by so quickly. When my roommate and I were just talking we could hear ourselves echo in the second room of our suite and when I shut the door everything sounded hollow. It sounded the same way that it did when I moved in all the way back in August. I'll never forget moving in 4 days earlier than everybody else in my suite because I had to come to the last orientation and I would check underneath all of the beds at night and in each closet because I was so afraid that somebody was hiding in our room. I was so scared of Philadelphia and what the city held but now I'm in love with it and it's going to be hard to stay away from Philly all summer. Right now I currently hear sirens going off and it's hard to imagine a summer without hearing those go off at least every hour. Luckily, I'm moving into a house that me and three friends rented for our sophomore year on August 1st and I'm so excited for what next year is going to hold. 

I've learned so many valuable and wonderful things here, and I have also really learned how to take care of myself. It's hard to believe that before I came here I had never done laundry in my life nor had I ever dusted anything before. I learned how to take the subway, a concept so foreign to me before moving here. And I made some of the most incredible friends ever while having my best friend from home joining me the second semester. All I can say is that, after moving to Philadelphia and seeing how much there is to life past the small town barriers of York, I am so excited for the future and I know that I have so much to look forward to. 

PS: Finally chose my major, journalism.

The day I moved in, August 2011

Chiddy Bang Concert

First few times going out with friends

Going out to eat for Chinese food in China Town

Seeing "Occupy Philly"

Football Games

Practicing photography

Realizing that Halloween lasts three nights in college. (1st: Cat, 2nd: Taylro Swift, 3rd: Movie Star)

Seeing "Frueza Bruta" in NYC with Nadia and Brian where we met Yen-Yen (on the left)

City Adventures

Making new and wonderful friends the 2nd semester, like Juan Pablo (pictured above), Katie and Meaghan

Nadia's 19th birthday! 

Capogiro with my roomie, Veronica and our other friends. 

Family Visit at the end of the semester

Realizing how blessed I am to have made the friends that I did during this year.


  1. Journalism! :) Goodluck with that :) I love browsing your photos, you smile with your eyes. Beautiful..

  2. Good luck! really love your "city adventure" photo!


  3. It looks like you had a fantastic year! Good for you!
    And I hope you make even more great memories during your sophomore year : )

  4. It looks like you have so many great memories! Congrats on choosing your major- it seems like a good fit

  5. So glad you had such a beautiful year! Enjoy your summer!

  6. love your blog sweetheart it´s so natural and real! follow u for sure:) would be so great if u would follo me back just take a look. much love

  7. What a great recap on your first year of college! This totally brought me freshman year was pretty awesome but it only got BETTER from there. I didn't even go home the summer after my sophomore year! I'm so glad you had such a great time!

  8. Awwwww, this is such a sweet post! And such a lovely wrap up of memories for you to look back on. :) Glad that your first year was awesome. Summer, here we come!

  9. looks like you have had an amazing year! so lucky you are finished

  10. Love fun pictures! You look amazing in that blue dress.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  11. Oh jeez, that went by so fast! I'm so happy that you chose your major, especially in Journalism! I know that I'm only a Freshman, but I'm leaning towards either Journalism, Photography, or Interior Design as my majors. But I'm still young, so I guess I have some time, haha. College looks so fun, I absolutely cannot wait! But at the same time, I really like high school (haha, I can never take sides!)



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