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Country Roots

Sweater: Target, Dress: Thrifted, Boots: Coconuts 

After spending 8 months in Philly, I have to admit it's nice being home. I couldn't believe how green everything was when we pulled into York. I guess it's hard to see the beautiful effects of Spring when you're surrounded by concrete except for the few parks scattered around. I actually wore this outfit for Easter Sunday that was over a month ago. Time is going by so quickly. This summer is going to fly by. I feel like I'll be living in my summer staple, sundresses and cowboy boots.

PS: Please excuse the crazy hair, it was incredibly windy that day. Haha.


  1. so gorgeous! and i love the location

  2. chelsea beautiful dress

    kisses rose jp

  3. That dress reminds me of that blue and white porcelain with those pretty country scenes on them. They go so well with your boots! You're like a lovely little country tea cup or something. :)

  4. Anonymous5/14/2012

    I'm seeing some T-swift inspiration and I love it. You look so cute and happy to be home!


  5. I love the mix of these great boots with the very pretty floral dress! Your photos today are just darling!

  6. you're ADORABLE. such a beautiful setting, lady. and that dress is to die for. xo.

  7. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
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  8. Great dress! Love it with the boots. Super cute!

  9. That dress is so cute, love that print :)

  10. Pretty dress. So simple. Those boots are also fantastic.

  11. Country life fits you, miss. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I could LIVE in a sundress (and jeans) and cowgirl boots. /dreamy sigh

  12. Anonymous5/15/2012

    LOoooooooooOVE this!!! The blue on white floral reminds me of Delft china and makes the perfect match for your cute boots and sunshine!!!

    <3 Cambria

  13. Anonymous5/16/2012

    Very nice look!!!love the dress!



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