Grey Days

Coat: Old Navy, T-Shirt: Xhileration, Jeans: GAP, Oxfords: Xhileration, Hat: New York and Company
You know how fashion bloggers will be like "Oh, it's a casual day so I'm just wearing my Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt with a pair of vintage cut-offs and my Gucci sandals. And maybe even my Ralph Lauren watch." Well. Let me just say that is not me. Not only do I not own anything Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci (or Ralph Lauren for that matter), but anything that is more than $50 should not be worn on a casual day where you're most likely going to be hanging out with your cat all day. When I go casual, I go 100% casual with a pair of skinny jeans, a long sleeved T-shirt from Target and a pair of comfy flats, I'll also throw a beanie over my "maybe I washed it, maybe I didn't" hair. The whole point of this post? To admit that sometimes I love wearing casual clothes, and that (maybe) I love days where I'm at home and the only thing left to do is watch a movie with my cat. But seriously. That beats all of this homework that I'm stuck doing.