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Grammy's 2012

Adele in Armani

Katy Perry in Elie Saab 
Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad
Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Garcia
Julianne Hough in Kaufman Franco  
 Miranda Lambert in Pavoni  
Kimberly Perry in Moschino  
 Country stars stormed the red carpet at this years Grammy's and they each looked fabulous. Between Taylor, Carrie, Miranda, Julianne Hough and Kimberly Perry, they made up my favorites of the night. I also loved Katy Perry's long but simpler-than-usual gown and Adele's black dress with red lipstick look. Also, I loved Taylor Swift's pre-grammy dress and I was so happy when she won for "Best Country Song" and "Best Country Solo Performance". My favorite performance of the night was Taylor Swift's "Mean" performance, supposedly directed towards Bob Lefsetz who criticized her 2010 grammy performance. I also loved Katy Perry's performance who was obviously about her, well, I think we all can guess who. What was your favorite performance of the night? And who's outfit did you love the most?


  1. Adele gets my vote for most beautiful. So stunning!

    I think my favorite performance was...Paul McCartney's Beatles throw-back.

  2. So pretty! I think Taylor Swift looks like she's channeling Nicole Kidman in that Zuhair Murad :)

  3. Anonymous2/13/2012

    so many lovely gowns

  4. Adele looks stunning! Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert looks absolutely incredible, they're gowns are just beautiful! xx

  5. Adeles and Kimberly Perry's gowns were my favorites.


  6. Anonymous2/14/2012

    I love Miranda's dress!

  7. Wow, I am surprised I like all of those dresses. O_O Adele's is the most beautiful though.

  8. I loved Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry (but what was up with her hair?!)
    Taylor Swift sure showed him :)

  9. Katy Perry was my favorite!

  10. adele looks lovely!

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