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City Days

I've been living in this city for about five months now and it's been great. I'm already questioning how I'm going to last nearly four months in Farm Town USA this summer before coming back. The other day me and Nadia went for one of our many trips to center city. The day started o…

Chiffon and Leather

 Top: Charlotte Russe, Shorts: Olsenboye, Booties: Xhileration, Necklace: Gift

I'm back in Philly after winter break and I'm having such a great time being back in the city with my friends! Back home, I love wearing unexpected pieces that are hardly ever worn in a small town, especially the…

Vogue: Blonde Ambition

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'm still readjusting to everything going on here. I miss posting regularly though! I wanted to quick show you all this amazing shoot that Taylor Swift did for Vogue! It was absolutely incredible and I don't think anybody was expecting how she would ch…

Lakeside Dates

Two dates that I have always particularly liked going on with Derek is our Pinchot park dates (as seen here and here) as well as our "Bill Mack's" Ice Cream parlor dates (as seen herehere and here). The day before I left to head back to Philadelphia Derek and I ended my Christmas b…

Guest Post: Greek Salad

Hey Organized Mess readers!

My name is Bailey and I write over at my little blog Lost&Found.

I am so excited to be guest posting for Chelsea Elizabeth today on her fabulous blog!

Chelsea Elizabeth asked that I post about one of my favorite recipes- which was a huge relief since I am definite lo…

Guest Post: Finished Look

Hi Organized Mess readers!

I'm Lissie, the 4th and youngest sister blogging from Germany for Notes She Wrote, a blog I share with my older sisters! I'm excited to share an outfit post with you today! Over at our sisters blog we like to blog about photography, crafts and all things girly, and…
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