Lakeside Dates

Two dates that I have always particularly liked going on with Derek is our Pinchot park dates (as seen here and here) as well as our "Bill Mack's" Ice Cream parlor dates (as seen herehere and here). The day before I left to head back to Philadelphia, Derek and I ended my Christmas break with two of our favorite dates in the same day. Despite the flurries, we headed to our favorite lake and it ended up being freezing but we stayed for a while anyways. We packed a picnic (consisting of nutella sandwiches haha), but of course, chose to ate in the car. Afterwards, for dessert we headed out for ice cream. Derek got his usual, cookies n' cream and I got peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I kind of love how we did two things that most people don't choose to do in the winter, ha. That was definitely one of my favorite days of winter break. It's great being back in Philly, but now I don't get to see Derek for nearly a month straight. This long distance thing is sometimes hard, but I keep trying to remind myself that it will be worth it in the end.