Neutral Tones

The last three purchases that I have made all have one thing in common-they're neutral. Lately I have been drawn to softer colors like white, tan or light brown. I'm trying to mix my wardrobe up more and this obsession isn't helping. This morning while I was browsing Anthropologie's site I couldn't help that they seem to be obsessed with neutral tones as well. I figured that I might as well give into my obsession. It's pretty easy to mix neutral colors into brighter pieces. I could always just do that, right? :)

I also couldn't help but notice some of my favorite style celebrities (Taylor Swift, Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad) are also very into the neutral tones this summer. So, that gives me more of a reason to obsess. Right? Haha.
  Who do you think styled the neutral tones the best in these pictures? Are you more into soft colors this season or are you going more towards bright, electric colors?