Toasted Marshmellow Shakes

Want to know one of the best recipes ever? Here it is. Marshmellows in a milkshake? Who would've thought! Me and Derek tried this out today. It's really easy to mess around with the ingredients, so mine and Dereks ended up really different. Mine had 7 regular sized marshmellows in it and 3 on top of the milkshake, yogurt and only a tablespoon of milk and I had whipped cream on top. (Awesome) Derek didn't love the marshmellow taste quite as much as me and he doesn't like yogurt so he opted for 3 marshmellows in his milkshake, lots of milk, no yogurt and no whipped cream. (Lame.) These would be so fun to serve at a small party or get together. Seriousoly though. Try them. They would be AMAZING on a hot summer day.

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