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Graduation Practice

Today we got our gown and cap for graduation. Next week we have two annoying graduation practices that are 3 hours each and tomorrow we have to wear our cap and gown at an assembly at school regarding awards. I graduate from high school on Tuesday, and I really am ready for that day to come. This weekend I'm going out for a graduation dress. There are so many cute sundresses this season!


Urban Outfitters




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  1. Yay for graduation! I can't believe all the practice you guys have- our school doesn't even do a rehearsal! haha. Good luck finding a dress- a reason to shop is always fun! :)

  2. ahhhh girl congrats! can't wait to see your photos :) these dresses look lovely! I adore the shopbop!


  3. That floral anthro dress is so cute, but no matter which you choose you will be a standout at your graduation!

  4. loving the yellow!!!! great blog btw!

  5. Congrats on graduating! It must be so exciting. :) Good luck with the rehearsals. I love the first yellow dress on the right!

  6. Anonymous6/05/2011

    Those dresses from Anthropologie are my favorites. Hope practice went well and congratulations on graduation!! :]


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