That Sweet Silver Lining


Dress: 579, Wedges: Wet Seal
Sometimes when I become obsessed with an artist, I will become obsessed with how they dress and what their interests are. I know, it sounds kind of creepy but we all do it, right? Whether we admit it or not! Ha. One of my favorite artists for the last 3 years has been Kate Voegele, I am in love with her music and her lyrics. I love her quirky style that she expresses on stage. This dress was quickly picked out when I bought it two years ago because of her. All of her songs are amazing, but some of my favorites are 99 TimesIt's Only LifeYou Can't Break a Broken HeartWish You WereSweet Silver Lining, and Manhattan from the Sky

PS: You can visit Kate Voegele's blog HERE! And here's my favorite video of her's, 99 Times. Enjoy!


The Skinny Dip


There is not one single frozen yogurt place around here. Don't get me wrong, I love homemade ice cream as much as the locals who grew up here but frozen yogurt is just so yummy. I had only been to one frozen yogurt place and that was on my trip to North Carolina. I got my second experience in Virginia at "The Skinny Dip". They had red velvet frozen yogurt. RED VELVET! It was Heaven. My aunt gave me a gift card because she lives there. Amazing.

I got red velvet with kiwi, blackberries, white chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and cheesecake bites

My sister got red velvet with strawberries, blueberries, m&ms's, rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough bites

My brother got watermelon and strawberry swirled with peanuts



It's really hard to believe that I graduated three weeks ago. I remember that evening, it was really bittersweet. We all joked around and laughed at the teachers speeches and acted like we were just ready to get home but in the back of my mind I knew this was the last time I would be seeing some of the people I practically grew up with these last six years of living here. We're all going to be in different situations this fall, some of us will be working, some will be going to the community college right here, some will be moving into a completly different environment (me), and some will be joining the military. As ready as I am to move on with my life I know I'm going to miss my high school days, judging by the amount of paperwork I've already been working on for college I know that my "easy" days are over. And I know this is a good thing, but it's hard to believe that I'll finally be moving on from something I never thought would change.

I Can't Not Laugh


Top: Aeropostale, Jeggings: Xhileration, Gladiator Sandals: Forever 21, Necklace: From Italy (gift from best friend), Bracelet: Claires
Every time I have somebody take my outfit pictures I have the tendency to laugh and yell "I don't know what I'm doing!". You would think that I would eventually get used to it, I guess that is why I could never become a model....haha. I hope everybody had a fun weekend. I finally got to go the flea market and I got to spend both Saturday and Sunday with my friends to celebrate graduation. The weekend was filled with games, food, swimming, laughter, sparklers and water balloon fights. Definitely my kind of weekend.

More Beach, please!


Here's even more photos of my trip to Virginia Beach! Some of these were taken at the pub called "Abbey Road", it was a "Beatles" themed restauraunt! It was so cool, plus they had the best fish tacos. EVER. Of course, there are also some beach shots. I really do miss the beach. Luckily, I'll be going to Ocean City for a couple of days next month. Sometime next year I am going to shoot for a full week long beach trip! I used to live in North Carolina and we only lived 15 minutes from the beach, I miss those days.

She was, an American Girl


Top: Mudd, Jeans: Xhileration, Clogs: Old Navy, Fedora: JcPenny
Some days here it has been so humid you feel like you can't even breathe. Other days, there's just enough cool air that you can slip on a pair of jeans. I love being able to slip on a pair of jeans, a tank, a fedora and then be done with it. Effortless style this summer is a must for me. I've just been looking for the perfect maxi skirt or dress to be effortless in this summer.

Easy Summer
Hat: missselfridge $24
Maxi Skirt: Rare Fashion
Beaded Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane $325
White Tee: Loft Design $67
Sunglasses: American Apparal $45
Ring: Aldo $10
Flower Ring: Citrine $110
Leather Sandals: Gucci $600
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