The Skinny Dip

There is not one single frozen yogurt place around here. Don't get me wrong, I love homemade ice cream as much as the locals who grew up here but frozen yogurt is just so yummy. I had only been to one frozen yogurt place and that was on my trip to North Carolina. I got my second experience in Virginia at "The Skinny Dip". They had red velvet frozen yogurt. RED VELVET! It was Heaven. My aunt gave me a gift card because she lives there. Amazing.

I got red velvet with kiwi, blackberries, white chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and cheesecake bites

My sister got red velvet with strawberries, blueberries, m&ms's, rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough bites

My brother got watermelon and strawberry swirled with peanuts