Gracie and Easter


Easter is usually not a big deal at my house. We get one present each and a basket full of candy. And then we go to our relatives house to make small talk and eat food. This year Derek decided to go with me to my aunt and uncles. And afterwards we went to my grandmothers who I'm really close to. She has the cutest little yorkshire terrior named Gracie.  



(Top: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Heels: Maurices, Necklace: Forever 21, Aviators: Unknown)
Sorry for the week long break! I know I left without saying a word but I needed the last week to get away from everything. Things have been super stressful with college and with my senior year quickly coming to a close. I feel much better after some much needed rest and I can't wait to catch up with all of you. The weather has really brightened up around here, allowing outfits to be worn without the hassle of tights or leggings. How have you all been?



Headed back to Philadelphia today. I was just there last weekend with my best friend. This time I'm going with my family for a financial meeting at the school I will be attending. I'll probably make them stick around the city for a few hours after the meeting though. :)

Floral Trends


Hands down, my favorite pattern is any floral pattern. Don't get me wrong, I love any striped skirt or blouse as much as the next girl-but I think florals will always be my favorite. Usually Pennsylvania allows us to wear sundresses by April, but this season has been unusually cold so my sundresses have been worn with tights and other tops underneath for now. I tired to make this look more springy by pairing it with some tan wedges that make me 4 inches taller.

City Bound


The Sartorialist
I have always loved street style blogs and just street style in general. Everytime I'm in the city I love seeing what the people are wearing and how they style their clothes. I think that the city can be such an inspiring place for fashion and for life in general. Here's a few things I noticed that a lot of people were wearing during my trip to the city on Saturday. I went with one of my best friends, Adrienne for a college visit and we had "dim-sum" for lunch in chinatown where I had fried calamari for the first time and loved it. Then we stopped for coffee in one of the most laid-back coffee shops ever, "La Colombe".

Cargo Jackets (Caslon), Tie-Up Ankle Boots (Florentini and Baker), Mini Crossbody bags (Urban Outfitters)
Some of you may have noticed the title of this post "City Bound". It turns out that I have some MAJOR news! I am officially moving to Philadelphia for college this August!! And I will be moving right into the hustle and bustle of the city. I can not tell you all how excited I am for this. I have never lived in a city but each time I go there I feel like that's where I belong. I am so excited, scared and nervous for this transition. It's hard to believe I will be leaving the country area I've grown up around the last 7 years. But I can't help but believe there are bigger and better things waiting for me in the city of Philadelphia.

Teacher for a Day


(Cardigan: Maurices, Blouse: Macy's, Skirt: Macy's, Tights: JCPenny, Boots: Unknown)
Today I got the opportunity to teach two classes of 2nd graders about train safety with some of my friends and Derek because of SADD club. I've always liked kids, but I've never really been a "kid" person (Does that even make sense?) It ended up being tons of fun. I loved being able to help them out and answer their questions. They were all so adorable! It ended up being a beautiful, sunny day. I wish I had known how warm it was going to be, I might have ditched the tights and boots for a pair of flats or sandals.

Believe in Yourself


(Blouse: Macy's, Skirt: Maurices, Boots: Unknown)
I hope you all are having agreat week! Sorry I have been kind of distant this week. I have been SO stressed about about my drivers test. As some of my twitter followers know, I failed my test last week because I drove through a stop sign. Yes. A large. Red. Stop sign. I know, it was a very stupid mistake. But, I retook my test today and I PASSED! I am now legally allowed to drive by myself! Finally. I only had my permit for almost two years. Haha. I hope all of you accomplish one of your goals this week. Just believe in yourself. :)

ACM's 2011


Country music award shows have always been my favorite. My two favorite dresses of the evening are hands-down Taylor Swift's and Julianne Hough's. Both of their dresses screamed "spring" which made me want to start thinking about spring fashion. My three favorite performances of the night were Taylor Swift's "Mean" (obviously), Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road" and Sara Evan's "Stronger".summer pastels
MNG by Mago Ring, Modcloth Dress, Victor Osborne Fedora, DKNY wedges, Juicy Couture Bracelet, Kara Ross Ring

Red Chiffon


(Chiffon Top: Charlotte Russe, Xhileration Jeggings: Target, Xhileration Heels: Target)
If there's any material I love for Spring, it's Chiffon. It's wonderful to layer with and it's also a great transition piece, ecspecially when paired with a pair of black skinnies and ankle boots. I wear these ankle boots all of the time, I can't get over how comfortable they are for heels. I'm still dying for a pair of leather shorts, but I havn't found any a a reasonable price around here yet. I love when Derek takes my outfit pictures because I feel like I don't need to force a smile.

PS: I am featured over at the lovely blog "Scenic Glory" today HERE. Please check it out if you get the chance, I would really appreciate it. :)

Strawberry Filled Lemon Cupcakes


Because of the Spring weather this weekend I decided to make a batch of Spring inspired cupcakes the other day. I wanted something more fruitty, so after about an hour of looking up cupcake recipes I stumbled upon this which featured a strawberry INSIDE of the cupcake, something I had never done before. Instead of putting the strawberry in the cupcake after they were baked I decided to bake a slice of strawberry inside of the cupcake. It was DELICIOUS. Then, I wanted a thick icing instead of the one featured one the website to match the cupcake, so I made lemon cream cheese icing. This combination was perfect. LOVED the fruit flavors in the cupcake.

Weekend Happiness


1.) A charity bowling game with some of the people I love.
2.) Spring is finally starting to show.
3.) Biscotti and a caramel Machiatto on a late Saturday night while catching up on some of your sweet comments.
4.) California Rolls that I had been craving. Starting to crave some real sushi now after that.
5.) Rita's with Derek on a bright, sunny day.
6.) Rita's had the swedish fish gelati. What could be more perfect?

Wouldn't Wanna Be Anybody Else


(Merona Dress: Target $12.49 SALE, Tights-Unkown, Xhileration High Heeled Boots: Target $6.99 SALE, Bracelet: Carolina Najman)

Today was such a wonderful Saturday. I got to go bowling for charity with Derek and a bunch of my friends. I'm now enjoying a caramel machiatto and biscotti and I just wanted to show you all what I wore for this bowling event. I do want to mention the miracle of todays weather. I went into the event and it was cold, rainy and windy and I came out an hour later to warm and sunny weather so Derek took me to Rita's! Today really was such a great day.
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