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Caroline Najman

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting and getting back to all of you. Honestly, this just was not my week. Nothing particularly bad happened it was just a bunch of little things getting to me but I'm feeling a lot better after the 40 minute jog I had this afternoon. Running is my favorite thing to do to release stress. For now on, whenever I'm tressed out I think I just need to take some time to do something that will help relieve it so it doesn't build up like it did this week. 
 Anyways, here's the bracelet I won from one of my favorite blogs, here. I am so in love with this bracelet. It's so easy to wear on a casual day out or for a fancy night out. The brand is Caroline Najman. It came in such a beautiful little package!

PS: Look at these yummy sugar cookies my mom got from Target. They are so addicting and cute!


  1. That is such a cute bracelet! And that cookie looks SO yummy!

  2. i'm the same way - i run whenever i'm feeling stressed or down. it's a great way to forgot about whatever is bothering you!

  3. I love that bracelet! And while I agree that exercise is stress-relieving, I don't love running like you do. I wish I did! It's such an efficient way to exercise.

  4. ah! wish I could jog for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I'm about to faint. I'm in bad shape I tell ya. and that's a cute bracelet! :)

    PS- that's hilarious :) I would've screamed too! I love pranks like that though hehe. and thank you for the congrats!

    cute blog by the way! following!

  5. Thanks!
    I used to not like running at all. But I think I just grew to love it somehow. Haha.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. That bracelet looks so delicate, but very beautiful :D

    xxx London & Paris

  7. I wish I could try these cookis!they look delicious!

  8. ahh well done for winning the giveaway!
    the bracelet is beautiful :) xx

  9. The bracelet is so simple, but so cute!


  10. oh my goodness it's so pretty and those cookies are the BEST!

  11. "For now on, whenever I'm tressed out I think I just need to take some time to do something that will help relieve it so it doesn't build up like it did this week."

    That's a good advice and quote!!

    The bracelet is so lovely and those cookies look yummy!

    Have a nice weekend, darling <3

  12. relally nice !
    that sweet looks great mmmm

    Ana y Sofía

  13. Anonymous4/02/2011

    CONGRATGS on winning such a cute bracelet.

  14. Bracelet is so cute and dainty. I have been on a sugar cookie kick lately. Just made some from scratch the other night.

  15. That bracelet is so beautiful and delicate!

  16. Wow I love how simple and elegant that bracelet is. It would look cute with anything!

    Those cookies are the best (I think there is crack in them)!

  17. oh i am loving the colors of that cookie! and the bracelet is swoon-worthy.

  18. THat bracelet is so elegant. I love it.

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  19. Anonymous4/03/2011

    that bracelet is darling! glad you are feeling better - a good run is seriously a great way to relieve stress!

  20. It looks fantastic on you, I am happy you liked it!!
    Thank you!

  21. I love how simple and pretty the bracelet it!


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