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(Denim Dress: Wetseal, Tights: Wetseal $1.99 SALE, Boots: Maurices $9.99 SALE)

While I was in North Carolina I took two sets of outfit post pictures. Here's the first one. I loved being able to wear this without worrying about a sweater or jacket. I hope your Monday's all went well!
I wanted to share this song with you, it's such a beautiful song that has gotten me through a lot. The video is beautiful too!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Charlotte, North Carolina: Part 2


I wish my trip to North Carolina could have lasted longer. Like I said, I am completly in love with that place. Charlotte seemed like the most perfect mixture of Uptown and Downtown that I have ever seen. I got the chance to visit two malls while I was there, both of them I loved, South Park and Concord Mills Mall. South Park was the most gorgeous mall I have ever seen, it had every high end store you could think of from Guess to Urban Outfitters, to Nordstrom to Aldo. I loved it, but unfortunantly it was out of my price range. We also went to Concord Mills Mall right outside of Charlotte and it was HUGE. Biggest mall I have ever been to.

I went to the campus of the school I was accepted to on Friday afternoon and it was in a very uptown neighborhood and beautiful. It was also in an incredibly safe part of town, which is always good. The school had this large statue thing in the front, where we took tons of pictures. We stayed at a motel, the Red Roof Inn on Queens Street. It was small but decent. We were originally supposed to stay at a Motel 6 but it was in a really bad part of town and it was, well, disgusting. When we were at Concord Mills Mall I found a frozen yogurt place. I was so happy about that. Nowhere around here has frozen yogurt, at all, let alone a nice frozen yogurt place where they have dozens of toppings to choose from! I got dulce de leche flavored with yogurt chips, chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs. It was so delicious, I'm craving for more but there's nowhere to go here! I really miss North Carolina, but I'm starting to think I'll be back in August. Maybe? :) 

<3Chelsea Elizabeth 

Charlotte, North Carolina: Part 1


As some of you know, North Carolina is my favorite place. EVER. I lived there before I moved to Pennsylvania in the 6th grade. It's a far 8 hour drive from here but I'm really considering going to school there. I was already accepted to a school in Charlotte so me, my mom, my sister and Derek all packed up and went there Thursday morning. It was BEAUTIFUL. I had never been to Charlotte before but I fell in love with it.

Some of my readers recommended "Fuel Pizza". So I looked it up and saw that there were about 5 in Charlotte so we went to the one on South Blvd. It was so delicious, seriously, the best pizza I have ever had. The spinich and tomato slice was amazing. The weather was beautiful while we were there, sunny and about 70 degrees-much better than PA's cold and snowy weather. Derek and I joked around and took tons of pictures and I accidently stained his cheek with a lipstick smudge. Haha. Also, we went to a Waffle House for Friday's breakfast. Seriously, how could we not go to the Waffle House? And I was in love with the architecture in Charlotte. Beautiful place. More tomorrow!

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My Best Friend


I have so many wonderful friends that I am very grateful for. Last week I got to hang out with some of them for senior skip day! It was so much fun, we went out to Chilis for lunch and then to the mall for some afternoon shopping while all the underclassmen were stuck at school. To top it off, the weather that day was perfect. Here's my best friend and I getting ready to go out. Doesn't she have the best style? :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

PS: I am currently in Charlotte, hopefully enjoying myself. Haha. I will get back to your comments as soon as I get back! <3

Spring Must Haves


I'm trying to pretend that spring is right around the corner despite the 5 inches of snow we got last night. Here's a few things that are on my spring "must have list".

1. Maxi Skirts

Ella Moss, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters

2. Nautical Stripes

Forever 21, Majestic, Supertrash

3. Strappy Heels

Forever 21, French Connection, Calvin Klein

4. Prairie

Forever 21, Vila, Asos

5. Light Pastel Dresses
Asos, Modcloth, Modcloth

6. Wide Leg Trousers

Classiques Entier, Asos, Warehouse

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Sundresses. Part 2-Anthropologie


As much as I love Modcloth's girly and vintage look, I also love Anthropologie's sophisticated look for sundresses. Here's more of my favorite sundresses! These can all be found at 

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