Get the Look: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

Get the Look: Speak Now (Taylor's Version) | Organized Mess

Has anyone else been listening to Speak Now (Taylor's Version) non-stop since it was released a few weeks ago? It's been so bittersweet reliving all of these songs and the memories attached to them as an adult. I was only 17 when Speak Now was originally released and that album meant so much to me at the time. It's the album I listened to my senior year of high school in my small town (Mean was on repeat as I made plans to move to a big city and Ours was mine and Derek's song), and what I listened to when I moved to Philadelphia for college (I'll never forget crying my dorm room to 'Never Grow Up' after my parents dropped me off). It was the album I clinged to in the moments between girlhood and adulthood and for that, it will always be so special to me.

I've also always loved the aesthetic of the Speak Now era and how how feminine, dreamy and whimsical it is! Plus, I still love ruffles, tulle, sparkles, even now as a 30-year old woman. And as someone who would say her 3 style words are Classic, Feminine, and Whimsical - Speak Now, Red, and Folklore are the 3 album aesthetics I lean towards the most (and coincidentally are actually my top 3 favorite T Swift albums)! I've pulled together a few Speak Now inspired pieces just in case you also love this aesthetic. 

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